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When I first started Metro 2033 Redux, I briefly thought, “Hm, I don’t believe anything has actually changed.” I haven’t played Metro 2033 in about two years, but from what I can recall, it looks very much the same as the Redux version. This didn’t really surprise me since Metro 2033 was stunning when it first came out. After that, I switched back to 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images.

Remake in HD

The “definitive” or “director’s cut” versions of 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are available. You’re getting an upgraded version of each game with all the DLC and some additional features, like the ability to clean blood or water off the gas mask in Metro 2033. Surprise! Even if your brain is telling you you can, you can’t achieve it in 2033. In Metro: Last Light, the follow-up to 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images, wiping the gas mask was a new function.

I didn’t play any of the Redux versions in their entirety. Even though I like the Metro series, I don’t really want to go back and play both games completely back-to-back. Having said that, I completed the first two hours of each game before returning to complete the first forty minutes of the originals in order to draw comparisons.

I also used the game’s new mode choices, which allow you to play each game in either “Spartan Mode” or “Survival Mode.” While Spartan Mode mimics Last Light’s run-and-gun action by making the player more resilient and dispensing more ammunition, Survival Mode is said to be closer to the survival horror pace of 2033. Both Spartan Mode and Survival Mode are available for each game, so I tried them out in 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux, respectively, to see what would happen.

About 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images

I’ll start with the visuals. The differences between Last Light Redux and Last Light are negligible since both games utilise the same engine. Last Light has barely been out for a year, so I imagine the creators made a few little tweaks here and there.

On the other side, 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images gains a lot of ground. I was glad to see that 2033 Redux doesn’t turn on PhysX by default. When I originally purchased the original 2033 as an AMD user, I was completely baffled by it since, unknown to me, Nvidia’s exclusive PhysX technology was ruining my PC. I was happy to find that this version fixed the issue, even though it was the smallest adjustment that could be made. More picture of 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images available here.

Character Models

Character models are by far the most obvious assets. The Last Light set is substituted for the original wooden-faced characters from Metro 2033, and it is a vast improvement.

There are also a tone of tiny adjustments. In 2033 Redux, lighting has a lot more room to maneuver. In comparison to Last Light, the original 2033 was much more desolate and had well-designed interior locations, but everything was lighted quite flatly. I know this because, when I originally began writing this review, I didn’t think it was true either. However, have a look at these screenshots:

Without a doubt, 2033 Redux has more dynamic lighting and a stronger emphasis on contrast when compared to the original. 2033 doesn’t seem horrible by any means, but in hindsight, it has an unusually flat, bright appearance that doesn’t do justice to the gloomy subterranean environment.

Everything is well, with a few exceptions. The most striking aspect of the original, 2033 Redux’s particle effects, appeared to have been drastically reduced. I’m not sure why, but many places that formerly had snow or smog are now deserted. For instance, compare the opening scene of the original with the dull, barren skyline in Redux.

It’s Sparta

Regarding Spartan and Survival Mode, the gas mask wipe, and the other feature updates in 2033 and Last Light Redux, some of them are excellent and others are just mediocre, but nothing felt noticeably worse than the original versions.

Survival Mode may not really make sense. In 2033, Spartan Mode is perfectly acceptable since it gives you more ammunition, presumably more health, and overall makes the game simpler. Although I doubt many 2033 aficionados (like myself) would ever want to play 2033 Redux in Spartan Mode, I’m sure Last Light fans who considered the original 2033 to be excruciatingly challenging will welcome the adjustment.

However, Last Light in Survival Mode is simply a little awkward. The fact that you offer me less ammunition doesn’t change the fact that the game was built to be a run-and-gun shooter. As far as I’m aware, Last Light received criticism for turning the repressive, understaffed, and poorly equipped world of 2033 into a fast-paced, superhuman shooter. To put it another way, the difficulty with Dead Space 2 and Dead Space


Giving me less ammunition and making my adversaries more aware won’t change any of that. No matter how much ammunition I have, the game still moves at a wild, thrill-seeking speed, and nothing has been done to bring Last Light’s tone more in line with 2033.

Don’t get me wrong; Last Light was still fun. However, it differs significantly from 2033, and not in a manner that can be overcome in survival mode. The game would need to be fundamentally redesigned, and every level would need to be overhauled completely, neither of which were accomplished here (for good reason).

As promised, the levels from 2033 also get some revisions. There are a few new encounters; however, it would be difficult to identify them unless you’ve just played 2033. It’s fantastic that some of the inter-level loads have been reduced.

We may discuss loading screens as well. The artwork and music of the 2033 loading screens have been updated to fit the look of Last Light. In fact, I think the soundtrack has changed even as the game is being played. I’m not positive, which is maybe evidence of the high quality of this Redux version. Some of the music, meanwhile, seemed more obnoxious than I remembered. 2033’s soundtrack, in my memory, was quite subdued.

To Sum Up

You’re missing out on one of my top five shooter experiences of the last generation. If you haven’t played 5120x1440p 329 metro 2033 images and Last Light. The games do a great job at world-building. And although many games use the word “immersive.” I believe Metro is one of the few that can legitimately use it. If you missed them the first time around. You may start with the redux versions.

If you like Last Light but were unable to play the original, Metro 2033 Redux in Spartan Mode is fantastic for you. It functions as an extra-simpler difficulty designed for shooting lovers rather than stealth game aficionados.

The Redux editions are a tougher sell to those who have previously played. And appreciated both games. Although certain particle effects are missing, in my opinion. The Redux version of 2033 looks better (although I know some purists may disagree). You can’t satisfy everyone, but if you really like the original and want to repeat a polished version. I’d say 2033 Redux is a worthwhile purchase.

Last Light Redux

On the other hand, Last Light Redux is essentially just Last Light Game of the Year Edition. The modifications are somewhat less significant. And the addition of Survival Mode is unlikely to allay the dissatisfaction many 2033 players had toward the game’s action-packed focus on set-pieces and bombast. People who didn’t simply purchase Last Light a year ago might benefit more from it.

You get it? Welcome aboard, newcomers. Come on down if you loved Last Light. But haven’t played 2033. Please use your best judgement if you already possess both.

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