Goldmask questline | Elden Ring

Goldmask questline | Elden Ring

When the world of Elden Ring was first revealed, many players were skeptical. How could an online game based in an Arthurian setting be anything more than a typical MMORPG? That was before they played the game. Elden Ring is a dark and gritty take on the Arthurian legend. The world is full of danger, and you must use all your skills to survive. Along the way, you’ll find yourself fighting for justice in a brutal medieval world. To help you on your quest, we’ve put together a guide to the goldmask questline. This series of quests will teach you everything you need to know about playing as a badass knight in Elden Ring. Start reading today to become the ultimate hero!

What is the Elden Ring?

Announced at Sony’s E3 2019 press conference, the game is set in a new, original world and follows a group of characters seeking to foil the plans of a dark god. The game is said to feature intense combat with unique weapon systems, deep RPG mechanics, and player choice that will shape the story.

Elden Ring is an ambitious project, aiming to create an entirely new world and cast of characters for players to explore. The game takes place on the continent of Ibben, which has been torn apart by warring factions. To restore peace, players must join forces with others and fight against evil.

There are several ways players can approach each mission. They can choose from one of three character classes – swordsman, bowman, or sorcerer – each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Or they can focus on stealth or magic to achieve their goals undetected. Along the way they’ll encounter friendly NPCs who can be recruited as allies or used as bargaining chips in negotiations with hostile factions.

Players will need to use all these options in order to succeed; there’s no simple solution available to every problem. For example, defeating enemies often requires more than just brute force – sometimes traps or hidden doors must be opened first using specific skills or items. And while stealing from opponents may seem like a simple solution, it might have unforeseen

The Questline

Welcome to our guide to the Questline in Elden Ring! Here, we’ll be walking you through every step of the process, from beginning to end. If you want to jump right in, we suggest starting at the beginning and working your way forward.

The first thing you need to do is find Goldmask. He can be found in any of the three major cities – Solitude, Windhelm or Dawnstar – and will ask for your help in recovering some stolen property. Once you have talked to him and agreed to help, he will give you a quest called “The Missing Blade”. This quest tasks you with tracking down four different thieves who have stolen various weapons from around Skyrim.

Once you have completed all four quests, Goldmask will reward you with the ability to improve your armor using a new recipe he has discovered. The quest titled “Goldbrand” tasks you with finding and returning a lost sword called Goldbrand to its rightful owner. After completing this quest, Goldbrand can be added as an armor mod option when crafting heavy armor items.

There are a few other optional quests available if you wish to explore them further: The concerning of Clan Volkihar is an involved quest that asks you to track down members of Clan Volkihar across Skyrim; while Blood on the Ice asks you to investigate a series of murders occurring near Riften. Other optional quests include Restoring Hope which helps restore functionality to a

The Characters

In The Elden Ring, Geralt can take on a series of quests related to the Gold Mask. The first step is to find out where it is located. This starts with defeating the beast that guards it in the temple of Melitele. After defeating this creature, the Mask can be found on one of its teeth.

The next step is to take it to Cunegund, who will tell Geralt that he must face a demon in order to keep the mask safe. After defeating this demon, Geralt can return the mask to Cunegund and receive her blessings in exchange.

Finally, Geralt must take the mask back to Melitele and offer it as a gift in order for her to bestow her blessing upon him. Doing so completes Geralt’s quest and earns him some powerful new abilities.

What to Expect in the Questline

The Elden Ring questline is a new story-driven expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that introduces a brand new world, characters, and quests. The centerpiece of the questline is the platinum sword, which players must find and gain possession of in order to complete the game.

Players begin by choosing one of three randomly generated factions – the Scoia’tael, the White Gold Circle, or the Redanian Order – and join forces with them to pursue a common goal. The faction you choose affects your initial quests and interactions with other characters in the game. After completing these initial tasks, players are tasked with finding the legendary platinum sword at various locations around Velen and Novigrad.

Once players have acquired the sword, they must journey to Skellige to unseal a powerful rune that will grant them access to another realm known as Aedirn. To get there, however, they’ll need to travel through treacherous mountains and battle ferocious beasts along the way. Once in Skellige, players must defeat a powerful dragon known as Dettlaff Bloodbeard in order to claim Aedirn’s throne for their faction.

Tips for completing the Questline

If you’re looking to complete the Elden Ring questline, we’ve got some tips for you.

First, make sure that you’ve completed all of the base game quests. Once you have, head over to the Tower of Mists and speak with Orla. She’ll instruct you to find a fragment of the Mask of Elden Ring near an abandoned temple in the cliffs north of Novigrad

Once you’ve found the fragment, return to Orla and she’ll give you a task: retrieve another fragment from an old crypt in Velen. Head over to the crypt and enter it through one of the broken windows. Once inside, search around for the third fragment and pick it up.

Now that you have all three fragments, head back to Orla and she’ll ask you to place them together in order to reconstruct the mask. To do this, use your Vivec City power to teleport down to Caldera and speak with Dandelion outside his shop. He’ll ask for your help in restoring a painting in Gamwich Village; once you’ve completed this task, teleporting back to Novigrad will take you right next door.

Once inside Gamwich Village, look for Dandelion’s painting on the second floor of one of the houses. Use your power to lift it up and carry it back over to Dandelion’s shop in Novigrad. Once he’s satisfied with your work, he’ll give you a

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