Lysychansk oil refinery

While Russia claims that it has full control of the Lysychansk oil refinery, Ukraine acknowledges that they have only “partial success.”

Vitaliy Kiselev, an assistant minister of the interior of the Russian-backed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), announced on Russian-backed media outlet Zvezda that Russian troops have “completely taken over the refinery” in the city of Lysychansk, which is located in the city’s eastern region. At the same time, the Russian barrage continued on the city’s eastern region.

“As of today, our soldiers have gained full control of the refinery, and cleaning operations have begun. Already, several of our divisions have expanded almost all the way inside the refinery. That is to say, we have power over a portion of the city from within the refinery itself. In a similar fashion, we have units that crossed the Siverskyi Donets River after entering from the eastern side and crashing into residential buildings. And the situation is exactly the same for us; in fact, it’s even improved since we took control of Vovchoiarivka; our units have moved in even closer. And on the other side of Toshkivka, we came crashing through the residential neighborhoods. Kiselev stated that “we control almost all aspects of Lysychansk, to some extent around fifty percent.”

An update :

provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Thursday evening stated that Russia is still conducting assault operations in the area of the Lysychansk oil refinery. According to the information provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Russia “had a partial success, and holds the northwestern and southeastern parts of the plant.”read more

According to a statement released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, “the enemy carried out assault operations in the areas of the northeastern part of the Lysychansk refinery, the settlement of Topolivka, and the northern part of the settlements of Vovchoiarivka and Maloriazantseve,” all of which are in Ukraine. “[Russia] is having some kind of success. A portion of the road between Topolivka and Lysychansk is kept under constant fire control. The Russian occupants of Snake Island were unable to withstand the fire of our artillery, missile, and air units, so they withdrew from the island. Therefore, the Odesa region was totally freed from its oppression.

Serhiy Hayday, head of the Luhansk region military administration, said on Thursday night that Lysychansk is a “extremely difficult situation.”

“The shelling comes from several directions. Because the Russian army approached Lysychansk from several directions. As always, they reported that they controlled half the city. That is not the case. The shelling, on the other hand, is quite powerful. They are even targeting our humanitarian aid organisations with their gunfire on purpose. There are injured people. At this time, we recommend that people remain inside shelters at all times. There is no way to evacuate the area. This puts you in a very precarious position. Anti-tank mines are placed along the access roads that are mined. Russians living on the outskirts of the city. According to Hayday, there are not any street fights that take place within the city.More info

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