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How To Order A Detachable Shower Head Online

In this article, we will provide some tips on how to order a detachable shower head online. A shower head is a shower head that can be removed from its mount or hose for cleaning or replacement. Most shower heads have a lever or button that releases the head from its mount. Some shower heads also have a detachable hose, which can be useful for cleaning the shower or bathing children.

How to Find the Right Detachable Shower Head for You

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right shower head for you.

Consider types of detachable head showers.

You’ll need to decide what type of shower head you want. There are two main types: handheld and wall-mounted. Handheld shower heads are great for people who want the flexibility to move around while they shower. Wall-mounted shower heads are better for people who want a stationary shower experience.

Consider spray settings

Once you’ve decided on the type of shower head, you’ll need to consider the features you want. Some shower heads have different spray settings so that you can choose between a gentle mist and a powerful jet. Others have different nozzle sizes so that you can choose between a wide or narrow stream. And some even come with built-in water filters to enjoy clean, filtered water while you shower.

Consider return policy

When ordering online, read the product descriptions carefully to ensure you order the correct model and style. Also, be sure to read the return policy before making your purchase. Most online retailers will allow you to return the shower head if unexpected.

Following these simple tips, you can be sure to find and order the perfect detachable shower head for your needs.

How to Install a Detachable Shower Head

Many people now opt for this type of shower head because it is easily installed and does not require professional help. The first thing you need to do is remove the old shower head. To do this, unscrew it from the shower arm using a wrench or pliers. If the shower head is difficult to remove, you may need a pipe wrench. Once the old shower head is removed, clean the shower arm threads with a wire brush to remove any debris or rust.

Next, apply a thin layer of plumber’s tape to the shower arm threads. This will help create a watertight seal. Screw on the new shower head until it is tight. Do not overtighten it, as this can damage the shower arm.

Turn on the water and check for leaks. If there are any leaks, tighten the shower head a little more. Once the shower head is secure and there are no leaks, you can enjoy your new shower head.


We hope you know how to order a shower head online for yourself. If you want to save money on your showerhead purchase, consider ordering a detachable shower head online. These heads are typically cheaper than those attached to the shower head, and they’re also easier to replace if they break. Depending on your shower type, you can also choose a shower head that suits your needs. The shower heads are a great way to improve your shower experience.


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